Roll Handling & Buffering

Each individual CSW Automated Unwrapping solution comes with a standard gravity roll storage table capable of storing 40, 50 or 60 rolls of 2.02 ends, depending on the machine. To give our customers more flexibility towards roll handling, roll buffer capacity, or for layout purposes.



CSW can chose from following options:

  • CSW Driven Flow Tables
  • CSW Roll Conveyors
  • CSW Roll Depalletiser


Table 2.02 ends 2.06 ends
 FT100  100 rolls  85 rolls
 FT150  153 rolls  120 rolls
 FT200  180 rolls  155 rolls
 FT250  245 rolls  200 rolls


Roll Conveyor between Flow Table and Unwrapper

Within a standard CSW template, the CSW roll buffer table, either gravity or driven, is positioned inline of the CSW unwrapper and directly connected to the infeed of the unwrapper.


Roll conveyerIf the area available for the machine is narrow but long, then the CSW roll buffer table might be positioned to the side of the CSW unwrapper instead.


To connect the outfeed of the CSW roll buffer table and the roll infeed of the CSW unwrapper in this alternative layout configuration, a CSW roll conveyor is issued.



Roll De-palletiser

See Roll-End De-palletiser ›


For your specific requirements please contact your CSW representative, call +31 (0) 570 678 700 or find your local CSW agency ›.