Spare parts

To keep your process running

In the total cost of your business operations, the replacement of parts plays an important role. CSW Service & Spares supplies parts, but goes beyond that by investing in people and knowledge for optimal support and advice to assure the proper material selection and the best price/quality ratio.


CSW Service & Spares offers solutions for optimal unburdening: by putting agreements in writing, you can save a lot of time with repeat orders. In many cases, you will not even have to think whether and when orders should be placed; CSW ensures that the parts are at your location in a timely manner, according to the established agreements.


CSW Service & Spares offers daily support:

  • Supply of wear and breakdown parts
  • Professional advice on the different options, including the advantages and disadvantages
  • Support in determining a minimum critical stock on-site
  • From the supply of loose parts to deliveries that include installation and commissioning
  • Advice on cost reduction through standardization and proper material selection


Please feel free and do not hesitate to contact us for any service and/or spares requirements.
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