About CSW Can End / Lid Feeding and Automatic Unwrapping / Debagging Systems

The major manufacturer for can end / lid feeding and automatic unwrapping / debagging equipment with over 30 years of field experience in can end / lid handling

CSW is a major manufacturer and supplier of can end-handling machines and equipment. Based in Deventer, The Netherlands, we supply the international beer & beverage market as well as the food industry with our proven technology/equipment.

Thanks to close cooperation with Europe’s largest can-end suppliers and with all the major filling line System Integrators we can offer a fit for purpose solution for any can end-handling request.

Equipment sales is either due to direct sales activities or through our worldwide network of agents/representatives or major turn-key suppliers/System Integrators of can filling lines.


Research & Development

At CSW we are aware that requirements for can-filling lines for the Beer & Beverages market and the Food industry are developing rapidly. Together with our customers we are developing new solutions and equipment upgrades to increase flexibility, reduce change-over times and comply with more stringent hygienic standards within the operating field of our business. A relatively new phenomenon is the fast growth of the Craft Brewing industry. For this niche market, we have recently developed a fit-for-purpose small automatic bagging machine requiring a minimum investment. Our team of dedicated engineers are innovative and can respond to all these requests from the specific market we are operating within.

Stefan Koop
Research & Development – Engineering department

Our machines are all engineered, assembled, tested, installed and serviced by our own engineers. We constantly work on improving quality and innovation of our solutions with our own research and development team.

Working together in close cooperation with the can-end suppliers, the know-how and the experience gained in the last decades is reflected in the current product range. We offer many different reliable and proven solutions for various required capacities with an excellent price/performance ratio of our products which results in a quick return on investment/minimum payback time.

Our can end-unwrapping solutions and other can-end handling equipment is used worldwide by all the major premier companies, you name it and our equipment will be there in place in all the Beer & Beverage main plants as well as in the Food industry.


I joined CSW soon after it became an independent company. In the early days, we produced and serviced a wide range of machines for the can production industry, but very soon we switched our focus to developing and producing dedicated machines purely for can-end handling and specifically for automated can-end unwrapping systems and can-end feeding systems. This change in direction couldn’t have succeeded so well without our in-house craftsmanship and the pride we take in our work. An important part of my job is to pass on my skills and positive attitude to the new and younger generation so that CSW can maintain its reputation for high-end quality equipment.

John Verwaarst
Head of Manufacturing department

CSW – history

CSW started many years ago as part of the well-known Thomassen & Drijver group of companies with its headquarters in Deventer.

Due to focus change of the parent company, CSW became an independent entity some 25 years ago with its focus on design, engineering and manufacturing of can end-unwrapping equipment as well as can end-handling equipment.

All our equipment/machines are designed, assembled and tested in our factory based in Deventer, The Netherlands.

With over 30 years of experience we can offer a wide range of can end-handling equipment suiting the needs of almost any customer.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any operational assistance or request for quotation.

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