Roll Depalletizer

CSW Roll Depalletizer for can end roll

Ergonomically Solution for depalletizing of roll-ends.


Compact cell for the CSW Roll Depalletizer

The pallet with ends is placed on the floor by means of a manual pallet-truck (MPT) in a fixed and dedicated U-shape location. Optionally it is also possible to handle the full and empty pallet by means of a pallet conveyor. Bringing the full pallet from outside of the robot cell inwards and bringing the emptied pallet outwards of the robot cell. The Plastic cover seal needs to be removed manually upfront.

The S-wrap must be connected manually with the wind-up reel of the S-wrap, located on the topside of the depalletizer. Vacuum head CSW Roll Depalletizer capable of picking up 2 rollsFrom this moment it is all automatic until the pallet is emptied by means of the industrial robot. This robot picks up the rolls 2 at the time, by means of a vacuum or magnet for steel ends, depending on weight, one (1) at the time and transport the rolls to the driven flow table.

The empty pallet will have to be removed by MPT after which a full pallet is again positioned with the MPT in the dedicated unloading position.

Rolls are positioned on CSW Flow Table Storage Table


The Depalletizer has the following features;

  • Completely stainless steel structure.
  • Pallet position.
  • S-wrap winding-unit.
  • Vacuum/ magnet gripper.
  • Flow Table Storage table with optoc ensuring controlled feeding of rolls. (Optional for the CSW unwrapper but required when choosing for the RDP in combination with the CSW unwrapper).
  • Platforms for S-wrap incl. stairs.
  • Standard 2 CSW recipes included.
  • E-cabinet included RAL-painted (optional stainless steel).
  • Easy operating and cleaning.
  • Minimal effort required for maintenance.
  • 24-Hour operation – 7 day a week.
  • Maximum safety for operating staff.


CSW guarantees a machine efficiency of minimal 99% according to OEE.


Note: CSW Roll Depalletizer system is always to be used in conjunction with a CSW automatic end-
unwrapping system.

Technical Data

Model Depalletizer
Robot brands CSW Standard: Kuka; Optional: Fanuc
Rolls c/w ends Aluminium / Steel
Roll Pick-up gripper Vacuum/ Magnet
Roll lengths 400 – 1.220 mm
Rolls per minute 8 with vacuum/ 4 with magnets
Requirements for pallets and rolls Pallets and rolls should meet CSW requirements
Compressed air 6 bar (g)
Air connection 16 mm
Average compressed air consumption 18 Nm3/h
Peak compressed air consumption 36 Nm3/h
E-Power connection TN-S 400V @ 50 Hz, N-chargeable
Total connected power 9 KVA
Peak power consumption 6 kW

Please note that submitted energy consumptions are for indication purposes only, equipment energy consumption depends on actual system configuration for your specific requirements.



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