Hygienic Design

End-uwrapping solution for Food industry, following EHEDG requirements

0. Hygienic Design“Assurance of quality and safety is an essential need for the continued good reputation of foodstuff. The correct hygienic design and maintenance of food production systems is considered as a prerequisite to fulfill these requirements.”


In addition to our standard can end / lid handling systems, CSW also has the possibility to deliver CSW hygienic equipment following EHEDG requirements. In close cooperation with our customers, we start with a mutual agreement regards to:

1.Hygienic Design

  1. Function design specifications
  2. Detailed design specifications


All this with the focus on:

  • Open design for easy access and cleanability
  • Prevention of hidden pockets to prevent growth of micro-organism
  • Material Specification / Material “roughness”2. Hygienic Design
  • Specific / dedicated surface treatment


Possible for CSW automated can end unwrapping systems and automated roll depalletizers.



For your specific requirements please contact your CSW representative, call +31 (0) 570 678 700 or find your local CSW agency ›.