Assurance of quality and safety is an essential need for the continued good reputation of foodstuff. The correct hygienic design and maintenance of food production systems is considered as a prerequisite to fulfill these requirements.

CSW Lowered V-Chute – LVC

A simple and ergonomical solution for can-end feeding for low capacity lines. The manual feed is available in single lane configuration.

Simple and ergonomically solution for can-end feeding for low capacity lines. The Manual End Feeding is available in single or double lane configuration.

CSW Mini Multifeeder Solution

An automatic can-end unwrapping unit for low capacity lines suitable for all beverage easy open ends as well as for the Food industry, capable of unwrapping 2 roll-ends per minute.

CSW Mini Multifeeder 3

Single lane automatic can-end unwrapping unit, capable of unwrapping three (3) roll-ends per minute wit a capacity of 90,000 ends per hour.

An automatic can-end unwrapping unit which can handle four (4) roll-ends per minute equipped with a double lane outfeed towards one seamer with double infeed system or towards two different seamers/ filling lines.

CSW Multifeeder-Puffer-Karussell

The multifeeder is the top range within our scope of supply. In combination with a buffer carrousel the optimum solution for high speed can filling lines. Several configurations are possible with the carrousel providing buffer/ lead time.

Multifeeder Flexbuffer

An automatic end-unwrapper for aluminium can-ends, with a maximum capacity of unwrapping 4 rolls per minute. The Flexbuffer is capable of buffering up to 2 unwrapped rolls of can-ends.


End-unwrapping solution for Beer & Beverage industry, for recloseable ends

Multifeeder – R8

Automatic end-unwrapper

CSW Multifeeder Resealable 8 (MF-R8) for aluminium can-ends, with a maximum capacity of un-wrap-ping eight (8) rolls per minute of resealable ends, allowing an intended capacity of 90,000 ends per hour to the downstream seamer/filler equipment of both standard ends as well as resealable ends.


R8The discharge of the Multifeeder-R8 is connected to the Flexbuffer capable of buffering up to two (2) un-wrapped rolls of ends. The Multifeeder can either be fitted with one Flexbuffer for feeding a single infeed seamer, or can be filled with two Flexbuffers for a single infeed seamer with two different can-end diameters or two independent single infeed seamers (reducing the guaranteed output to 7 rolls per minute).


The MF-R8 has the following features:

  • Complete stainless steel structure
  • Storage table with optoc ensuring controlled feeding of ends
  • R8Storage capacity of 50 rolls
  • Unwrapping unit by means of retractable knife in conjunction with rollers
  • Paper bin collector
  • Detection system, for detection of reversed ends (manual removal)
  • Discharge end conveyor c/w gap-control unit for controlled feeding towards seamer
  • Standard 5 meter of can-end conveyor included
  • Including E-cabinet and steering & control
  • Easy operating and cleaning
  • Minimal effort required for maintenance
  • 24 hours operation – 7 day a week
  • Maximum safety for operating staff

CSW guarantees a machine efficiency of minimal 99% according to OEE.

Technical Data

Model MF-R8
Seamer connection Single end infeed/double end infeed
Can-ends Aluminium Resealable as well as standard/CDL/Superends
Can-ends per hour Max. 90,000 (depending on geometrics of resealable ends, number of ends per roll and the seamer infeed behaviour)
Can diameter 2.00 – 2.06 (different end diameters running on one system might result in issuing multiple Flexbuffers)
Roll length (variation) 800 – 1,200 mm
Roll capacity Max. 8 rolls/min. in combination with a single Flexbuffer
Packing of rolls Acc. to CSW Roll Requirements
Compressed air 6 bar (g)
Air connection 10 mm
Compressed air consumption 350 NI/min.
E-Power connection 400V @  50 Hz , TN-S
Total connected power 2,5 kW
Peak power consumption 1 kW
Stand by 0.5 kW
Nett weight approx. 1,350 kg (MF) + 750 kg (Flex) = 2,100 kg Total Weight

Please note that submitted energy consumptions are for indication purposes only, equipment energy consumption depends on actual system configuration for your specific requirements.



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CSW Roll Depalletizer

The ergonomically solution for automatic pick up of roll-ends from pallet and feeding these roll ends to our automatic end-unwrapping unit. This enables your operators to execute other tasks.